Auto-encoder with Memory Defense

  • Currently designing a robust auto-encoder and GAN for detecting adversarial images.
  • Developed a close proximity approximation model which is also known as on manifold adversarial detectors.
  • Enhanced the vanilla auto-encoder to a deep architecture with enforced learning from memory elements.

Facial Recognition and Verification System

  • Working with the accuracies and flaw removal strategies with re-implementation of Open-Face/Googles Face-Net, for improving the range of applications in the domain of Security.
  • Resolved the false positive 2-D inputs by introducing more features in Stage 1 (face detection) as a.) Orientation Normalization b.) 3D surface representation.

Astro-Turfing Review System

  • The search for applying machine learning to real world problems led me to work in the area of Astro-turfing. This is a filtering model with machine learning algorithm to filter-out the fake reviews and hence the fake reviewers from committing review frauds. I used amazon reviews data sets to built a stochastic model on top of it.