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E.Adhikarla, K.Zhang, J.Nicholson, B.D.Davison
ExpoMamba: Exploiting Frequency SSM Blocks for Efficient and Effective Image Enhancement
Accepted in ICML Efficient Systems for Foundation Models, 2024

E.Adhikarla, K.Zhang, J.Nicholson, L.Sun, B.D.Davison
Unified-EGformer: Exposure Guided Lightweight Transformer for Mixed-Exposure Image
Submitted to ECCV 2024

J.Yu, Y.Dai, X.Liu, J.Huang, Y.Shen, K.Zhang, R.Zhou, E.Adhikarla, W.Ye, Y.Liu, Z.Kong, K.Zhang, Y.Yin , V.Namboodiri , B.D.Davison , J.H.Moore , Y.Chen
Unleashing the Power of Multi-Task Learning: A Comprehensive Survey Spanning Traditional, Deep, and Pretrained Foundation Model Eras
Submitted to Havard Data Science Review Journal (HDSR) 2024

K.Zhang, J.Yu, E.Adhikarla, R.Zhou, Z.Yan, Y.Liu, Z.Liu, L.He, B.D.Davison, X.Li, H.Ren, S.Fu, J.Zou, W.Lei, J.Huang, C.Chen, Y.Zhou, T.Liu, X.Chen, Y.Chen, Q.Li, H.Liu, L.Sun
BiomedGPT: A Unified and Generalist Biomedical Generative Pre-trained Transformer for Vision, Language, and Multimodal Tasks
arXiv 2023, Submitted to Nature Medicine 2024

E.Adhikarla, K.Zhang, J.Yu, L.Sun, J.Nicholson, B.D.Davison
Robust Computer Vision in an Ever-Changing World: A Survey of Techniques for Tackling Distribution Shifts
arXiv 2023

E.Adhikarla, D.Luo, B.D.Davison
Memory Defense: More Robust Classification via a Memory-Masking Autoencoder
arXiv 2022

B.Tierney, E.Dart, E.Kissel, E.Adhikarla
Exploring the use of the BBRv2 Congestion Control Algorithm for use on Data Transfer Nodes
SC 2021 - INDIS Workshop
[Paper][Code] (Won the Best Paper Award)

E.Adhikarla, B.D.Davison
Face Mask Detection in real-world Webcam Images
ACM GoodIT 2021

E.Adhikarla, B. Austin
Estimating an HPC Facility’s Capacity For Accommodating
Real-time Workflows, NERSC 2019
[Thesis][Poster Presentation Clip]