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E.Adhikarla, D.Luo, B.D.Davison, Memory Defense: More Robust Classification via a Memory-Masking Autoencoder, to be uploaded in arXiv 2022

B.Tierney, E.Dart, E.Kissel, E.Adhikarla, Exploring the use of the BBRv2 Congestion Control Algorithm for use on Data Transfer Nodes, SC 2021 - INDIS Workshop
[Paper][Code] (Won the Best Paper Award)

E.Adhikarla, B.D.Davison, Face Mask Detection in real-world Webcam Images, ACM GoodIT 2021

E.Adhikarla, B. Austin, Estimating an HPC Facility’s Capacity For Accommodating Real-time Workflows, NERSC 2019 [Thesis][Poster Presentation Clip]